TPS Phenolic Foam Fabrication Block

Therma-Phen® Phenolic Foam Fabrication Block

Therma-Phen® Phenolic Foam Fabrication Block is a closed-cell, fire and moisture resistant thermoset foam plastic produced by Fujian Tenlead Advanced Materials Co., LTD, imported exclusively by TPS and sold through their nationwide network of fabrication shop partners.

Large Block Form

Useful as OEM component for professional fabrication shops to CNC cut 36" long section of pipe insulation, curved radius segments, fittings, or flat boards. Untrimmed block dimensions 37.5" x 33.5" x 80"


Third party verified to meet or exceed all physical property requirements in accordance with ASTM C1126 Type III.

Excellent Thermal Protection

Engineered to protect piping in commercial and industrial facilities operating continuously at temperatures from -290℉ to 257℉. (Properly designed and installed vapor retarder components required for all below ambient systems)

Fire Resistant

Third-party tested per ASTM E84 and meets 25/50 flame spread/smoke developed code requirements for use within commercial building return air plenums (up to 2" wall thickness)

Moisture Protection

Closed-cell foam insulation with outboard vapor retarder provides excellent moisture resistance for below ambient systems operating in humid environments.

High Compressive Strength

Thermoset phenolic foam is available in several different densities and does not crush easily compared to products such as mineral fiber pipe insulations.

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