High Temperature Calcium Silicate Insulation Boards


High Temperature Calcium Silicate

TPS-XTREME™ is a hydraulically pressed high temperature calcium silicate insulation board manufactured by Yantai Fanghua Insulation Engineering Co., LTD, imported exclusively by TPS and sold through their nationwide network of distribution and fabrication partners.

High Temperature Protection

Engineered to protect industrial and foundry equipment operating continuously at
temperatures up to 1832℉ (1000℃)

Hydraulically Pressed

Offers some of the highest compressive strengths of any insulation material due
to a robust and uniform material matrix

Easily Fabricated

Traditional CNC fabrication equipment such as water jet cutters precisely cut intricate OEM parts for the metal forging and other industries

Inherently Non-Combustible

Xonotlite molecular structure offers extreme high temperature resistance and insulation performance throughout its service temperature range

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